Photos from the streets of Dayton, Ohio USA

Probably like many people in many areas of the USA, I get sick and tired of being sick and tired about the Disney-esque way that my local world is presented by our local corporate media wizards, or the hordes of bad PR agents working to sell the fantasy viewpoint that EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE AND DANDY in our Grand City of Dayton, Ohio.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring 2009

Popeyes Fried Chicken on Gettysburg Ave.

Driving down Stewart in the DeSoto Bass Housing Projects.

Dayton Boys Club, Stewart Street, Dayton.

Bowman Funeral Chapel off of Randolph and Germantown.

Former ceramics studio on Germantown.

House on Germantown Avenue.

Abandoned lot off of Germantown Pike.

Dearborn Daycare on Dearborn Ave.

Headed up Dearborn Ave.

Delphi on Abbey Avenue - no more.

NCR no more.

The University of Dayton from afar.

Walking across Main Street near the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Complex.

The Fairgrounds neighborhood has improved 1000 percent
over the last 10 years.

Wah-Fu Chinese restaurant on Brown Street.

Jimmy's Cornerstone Bar on the corner of Brown and Wyoming (the old Walnut Hills Bar).

Patterson Kennedy School, a grand dame that should be saved.

Neighbors on the front porch in Dayton's South Park Neighborhood.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring has sprung and it's time to fire up Real Photos from the Streets of Dayton, Ohio again!

The best Little Chess Club in the U.S.A - The Dayton Chess Club on Fifth Street in Downtown.

Lutheran Church on the corner of Ludlow and Fifth.

Weekly boarding rooms in his house that has potential once America is perhaps ready to give up the high fructose corn syrup Old Milwaukee's Best Generic cigarette lifestyle.

The Blood Center. Main Street. Modernist architecture by some "Starchitecht" who obviously is clueless about the importance of consistency in design of an urban landscape. This is an asthetic nightmare obviously hatched up by brains on crack cocaine.

House on St. Anne's Hill Historic District.

Beautiful home in the Huffman Historic District on the corner of Fourth and June.
Don't know what is housed in this building on East Fifth Street, but it's pretty cool in a cold-war kindof way.

Young family on Bowen Avenue near St. Anthony's School.

The fantastical stone facade of St. Anthony's Church in Linden Heights.

I had nothing to do with this, but it looks as if a fan of Urban Appalachian Cabaret Ghetto-Tech Soul Music has been tagging concrete support items in East Dayton.

Another grandiose architectural tradition downtown showing in detail just how mediocre suburban architecture in America is.

Holden House Apartments on Fifth Street behind Sinclair Community College.

The facade of City Day Charter School once again helps us confirm the inferiority of the bubble-based building economy of today consisting of plywood, drywall and vinyl siding from China.

Bill Rains, where art thou?

Driving Miss Dayton.

May 9th, 2009 - Mark in Your Calendars


As part of our upcoming show at The South Park Tavern, in Dayton, Ohio, drexel will be performing for the only the second time, "Real Photos from the Streets of Dayton, Ohio - The Musical."

The music for the evening will begin around 9 p.m. drexel will begin around 11 or so. Be ready. Be there.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dayton Is...

Go to the youtube page for this video to get the embed code. Please blog it, twitter it, myspace it, facebook it, whatever.

Peace, and courage,

Drexel Dave

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New Photos from the Streets of Dayton, Ohio USA

Looks like this old corner bar/grocery/social
club is up for sale in Old North Dayton.

The corner of Hart and Grove is a spiritual place
on a quiet cold afternoon, with churches in every direction.

Fixed up, this old beauty on Drummer street would fetch a million
smackers easy in Boston or San Francisco. In Dayton, you can get it for probably 30 k.

Another home on Drummer awaits the end of
bureaucratic entanglement and hopefully one day,
a new caring tenant.

Gene's Truck Glass on East Fifth Street likely
does a roaring business with the proliferation
of junkies on the lower East side who will bust a
car window in a New York second to snatch a 50-cent
cd or three that might fetch some extra cheddah'
at Second Time Around.

At the Fifth Street Diner just on the other side of the railroad
tracks from where Hamilton runs into Fifth Street, they got
Pizza and Hoagies. Decent little joint if you want old school
East side greasy spoon.

I wonder if everyone knew that they could make
handy shelving units out of the pieces of old
dresser drawers, would they still throw them away?

Great business concept. Put out bins for shoes and clothes,
and sell them. You pay nothing, zilch, for your product. Sweet.

Spanish groceries are a newly thriving
mom and pop industry in East Dayton. This one
is on East Third near Huffman.

Anthony Arms Apartments has still got
the lights on.

Puta. Somebody tagged this old glorious mansion
with Puta. That is funny and sad in so many ways all at once.

Genuine Auto Parts on East Third sits next to what is apparently the Sandford and Son house rental business, judgingfrom the ghetto-ass fontagraphy employed by the signmakers. The plywood boards behind the glass give potential customers even more confidence that they'll be getting a great rental home.

Don't really know much about this business
on East Third. Seems operational, but I don't
know what goes on inside. Somebody fill me in.

This old grocery store on East Third near Huffman seems
like it's been closed down and for sale before Tony Tubbs was
was heavyweight champion.

Old print shop building (and it's a cool little doozie)
awaits a new owner and day on East Third Street
near Keowee.