Probably like many people in many areas of the USA, I get sick and tired of being sick and tired about the Disney-esque way that my local world is presented by our local corporate media wizards, or the hordes of bad PR agents working to sell the fantasy viewpoint that EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE AND DANDY in our Grand City of Dayton, Ohio.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring has sprung and it's time to fire up Real Photos from the Streets of Dayton, Ohio again!

The best Little Chess Club in the U.S.A - The Dayton Chess Club on Fifth Street in Downtown.

Lutheran Church on the corner of Ludlow and Fifth.

Weekly boarding rooms in his house that has potential once America is perhaps ready to give up the high fructose corn syrup Old Milwaukee's Best Generic cigarette lifestyle.

The Blood Center. Main Street. Modernist architecture by some "Starchitecht" who obviously is clueless about the importance of consistency in design of an urban landscape. This is an asthetic nightmare obviously hatched up by brains on crack cocaine.

House on St. Anne's Hill Historic District.

Beautiful home in the Huffman Historic District on the corner of Fourth and June.
Don't know what is housed in this building on East Fifth Street, but it's pretty cool in a cold-war kindof way.

Young family on Bowen Avenue near St. Anthony's School.

The fantastical stone facade of St. Anthony's Church in Linden Heights.

I had nothing to do with this, but it looks as if a fan of Urban Appalachian Cabaret Ghetto-Tech Soul Music has been tagging concrete support items in East Dayton.

Another grandiose architectural tradition downtown showing in detail just how mediocre suburban architecture in America is.

Holden House Apartments on Fifth Street behind Sinclair Community College.

The facade of City Day Charter School once again helps us confirm the inferiority of the bubble-based building economy of today consisting of plywood, drywall and vinyl siding from China.

Bill Rains, where art thou?

Driving Miss Dayton.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you out and about. Keep em coming man. I for one appreciate the pics you post and find them honest and revealing. I live near downtown and recently rehabbed a run-down crack house that now houses me, my wife, and 2 year old son instead of Dayton's finest.


Anonymous said...

2 things: It's Bowen Street not Bowen Ave..easy to do eh?

Also, looks like you been loosin a little steam with the site. Lot's to see around town this time of year.